Why Richmond?

Richmond Corporate Services Limited is part of the Richmond Group of Companies providing a full range of corporate administration, management and support services to Bermuda companies. A successful management and corporate services provider in Bermuda, it is affiliated with the Bermuda firm called ‘Apex Law Group Ltd’, which specializes in corporate and commercial law.

Richmond’s unique approach to the Bermuda market centres around its ability to offer clients ‘one-stop shopping’ for their Bermuda business operations. Richmond offers a full range of services including incorporation, corporate administration and management services performed by a highly professional team with the necessary experience and expertise required to support international and local companies that conduct business in and from Bermuda.

Richmond combines ‘state of the art’ technology with a dedicated team of professionals with extensive international experience. Clients have access to technologically-savvy administrators and managers who exceed the expectation of international companies located in Bermuda.

Please click here to view our memorandum on Corporate Administration and Management Services.

Why Bermuda?

A globally-recognized financial centre, Bermuda offers a business-friendly, tax neutral and commercially respected environment for conducting international business. Some of the world’s largest corporations have chosen Bermuda, a dependent territory of the United Kingdom, as a base from which to operate.

Bermuda’s international business sector has expanded over the years to include insurance, reinsurance, telecommunications, e-commerce, and international trade. It is considered a major financial centre for companies that are truly global in their scope.

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