Company Profile

Richmond Corporate Services Limited (“Richmond”) was founded by Lynda Milligan-Whyte, J.D., the former Bermuda Government Leader in the Bermuda Senate, Arthur D. Hodgson, L.L.B. (Senior Attorney) and the Hon. Quinton L. Edness, C.B.E., all of whom served as senior Bermuda Cabinet Ministers. Together, they offer clients over 60 combined years of legal, regulatory and commercial business experience.

Richmond is affiliated with the Bermuda law firm Apex Law Group Limited, which specializes in corporate and commercial law for international and local clients. This affiliation provides an excellent synergy for clients that are seeking ‘one-stop shopping’ in Bermuda when establishing either an international or local business. Richmond works closely with Apex Law Group Ltd. in the incorporation or formation phase but once the entity has been formed, Richmond handles the organization, management and support services that a Bermuda company, partnership or trust may require.

The core services available to Richmond’s clients include the following:

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