Corporate Administrative Services

Richmond Corporate Serviced Ltd. provides corporate administrative services to international clients that establish Bermuda companies, partnerships or trusts. These services are required by such entities that do not have a physical presence in Bermuda but choose to sub-contract the on-going corporate administration and management functions to corporate service providers in Bermuda. The following services are available:

  • Provision of Registered Office in Bermuda
  • Provision of experienced professionals as Corporate Administrators
  • Provision of Bermuda-based Resident Representatives, Secretaries or Directors
  • Maintaining company records in Bermuda including its Minute Book, Share Register, and Register of Directors and Officers
  • Filing statutory documents with the Bermuda Government Authorities
  • Access to corporate attorneys on compliance issues under Bermuda Law
  • Coordinating Shareholder and board meetings
  • Regular reporting to clients on the status of companies
  • Management of the business from Bermuda (when required) which includes preparation of accounts, making payments and generally managing the affairs of the client
  • Attending to corporate governance relating to company meetings
  • Corporate and regulatory compliance

Richmond’s electronic network enables clients to communicate with the firm electronically and easily access information relating to their Bermuda companies. Our professional team (–> link to “Management Team” page) is highly qualified in corporate administration, corporate governance, compliance legal accounting.