Due Diligence

Richmond Corporate Services Ltd. prides itself on knowing its customers. We request that all shareholders of Bermuda companies complete a Due Diligence Questionnaire prior to establishing Bermuda companies. Our Due Diligence Questionnaire is based on information that Bermuda Banks and Regulators will require before operating Bank accounts or obtaining a license to conduct business from Bermuda.

Due Diligence Form Download

You can download our Due Diligence Form in PDF format by clicking here.


Searches are conducted by Richmond’s para-legals on any of the following Bermuda Registers:

Company Register.
Directors and Officers Register.
Shareholder Register.
Register of Charges.
Supreme Court Register.
Register of Mortgages.
Shipping Register.
Aircraft Register.

In the event that you require a Search of any of the Public Registers in Bermuda, please complete the form below.


Name of Bermuda Company to be Searched: Incorporation Date:
Type of Search: Date of Request:
Contact Person: Title:
Phone Number: Fax Number:
Mailing Address: