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OCTOBER/NOVEMBER 2004 - Newsletter
Workman's Compensation Act Amendment 2004
Health and Safety Work Amendment
Bermuda Health Council Act
Companies converting from limited liability to unlimited liability

AUGUST 2004 - Newsletter
The 60/40 rule in respect of local companies
Bermuda based self-insurance alternatives

JuLY 2004 - Newsletter
Policies on Work Permits in Bermuda
Collecting From Insurance Companies in Bermuda

June 2004 - Newsletter
Developing as an E-Commerce Hub For International Trade
The Electronic Transactions Act 1999

MAY 2004 - Newsletter
Registration of Aircraft
Enforcing Foreign Judgments in Bermuda under the Judgments (Reciprocal Enforcement) Act 1958

March/April 2004 - Newsletter
European Savings Tax Directive: Bermuda Not Included on EU List
Bermuda Company Law Permits Incorporation of Charitable Companies
Bermuda - Successful Insurance Market

FEBRUARy 2004 - Newsletter

Majority of Shareholders Approve Sale Of Bank Of Bermuda To HSBC plc.

Corporate Governance Update - Comapny Meetings.

Voluntary Winding Up: Shareholder Approval Not Necessarily Required Under Bermuda Law.

JANUARY 2004 - Newsletter

Bermuda's Minister Of Finance Dies.

Conversion To A Bermuda Segregated Account Company.

Directors' Duties In Certain Circumstances.

DECEMBER 2003 - Newsletter

Companies Limited By Guarantee.

Directors' Duties.

NOVEMBER 2003 - Newsletter

HSBC To Purchase The Bank of Bermuda Limited.

Bermuda As The Jurisdiction Of choice For Joint Ventures.

Estate Planning - Stamp duty On Bermuda Property.

October 2003 - Newsletter

Bermuda Segregated Account or "Cell" Companies.

Enforcement Of Foreign Judgments In Bermuda.

Bermuda Limited Partnerships.

September 2003 - Newsletter

Bermuda's Tax Protection Act.

The 'Sale of Goods' in Bermuda.

Estate Plannig - Will or Trust?

August 2003 - Newsletter

Bermuda's Election Results.

Companies - Winding-Up.

The Special Purpose Trust.

July 2003 - Newsletter
The Firm welcomes Paul A. Harshaw, Senior Associate.

Why Bermuda?

Bermuda - OECD Update!

Philanthropy:  How Effective?

June 2003 - Newsletter
The Firm welcomes Michelle St. Jane, Consultant.

Corporate Re-structuring & Re-Domiciliation To Bermuda.

Inheritance Tax.

May 2003 - Newsletter
The Firm welcomes Arthur Hodgson, Consultant.

The Resident Representative of Bermuda Companies.

"Sarbanes-Oxley Doesn't Stop At The US Border".

Corporate Governance Issues.

April 2003 - Newsletter

The Firm welcomes Kevin G. Bean, Senior Associate.

Public Offerings Utilizing Bermuda Companies.

Corporate Governance Issues.

March 2003 - Newsletter

Firm's Senior Counsel Appointed Acting DPP in Bermuda.

Bermuda Captives: Still Relevant In Today's Market.

Corporate Governance Update.

February 2003 - Newsletter
Changes To Bermuda Company Law.

Bermuda Stock Exchange 'Mezzanine Market'.

Corporate Governance Update.