Registration of Aircraft in BermudaIt is permissible for a Bermuda Company to be formed solely for the purpose of owning and operating an aircraft on the Bermuda Register and any income or profits from such operations would be free of taxation and exchange controls under Bermuda law. If a Bermuda Company is formed for this purpose the ultimate ownership and control of the aircraft to be registered must be disclosed to the Director of Civil Aviation. Such disclosure is treated in the strictest confidence and does not form part of the public record regarding the registration.

Bermuda Aircraft Registry

The Governor of Bermuda is required by the provision of the Air Navigation (Overseas) Territories Order, 1977 to maintain a Register of Aircraft and to accept applications to register aircraft from qualified persons.

A person holding a legal or beneficial interest by way of ownership in an aircraft or a share in it may still obtain registration if he resides or has a place of business in Bermuda, and the Governor is satisfied that the aircraft may properly be registered.

The Director of Aviation examines each application carefully to determine its acceptability and appropriateness with regard to statute and Bermuda Government policy. Therefore, prior to proceeding with the incorporation of the company, prospective applicants should make a preliminary application setting out brief details of ownership, the aircraft itself, the maintenance and crewing arrangements, the main geographical areas of intended use and any other facts helpful in enabling a decision to be made.

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